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  • Bugfixes!

    There’s been quite a few updates today: Added Disqus for commenting (honestly don’t expect a whole lot but we’ll see!) Added “tags” taxonomy (look, this post has “meta-website” as a tag!) Updated “series” taxonomy to have a description and a page to view all series (don’t get too excited, there’s only one) Ordered the series taxonomy by date ascending, to get chronological order Added date back to the post listing Added a line between post listings and more clear spacing As well as some bugs fixed: ... Read More

  • Introduction to Electro House Music - Intro to EDM

    Electro house is similar to progressive house, at least the newer, “pop” version of progressive house that I call mainroom house. It hits harder, is made more for clubs and DJing, and has a lot more synthetic sounds. There’s not as much of a “layering” that happens. Usually all the sounds jump in very quickly or all at once. In my opinion, the best way to decide if a song is electro house or progressive house is to evaluate how “human” or “electronic” it sounds. ... Read More

  • Introduction to Progressive House Music - Intro to EDM

    Progressive house is probably the most popular and most produced form of electronic music outside of the broader genre of dance. Take a look at the massive list of progressive house producers and you’ll probably see a lot of names you’ll recognize: deadmau5, Zedd, The Chainsmokers, Kaskade, Swedish House Mafia, and many others. It’s my personal favorite subgenre of house. The “drop” of progressive house tracks (if applicable) generally emphasizes a melody instead of a percussion or kick. ... Read More

  • Introduction to House Music - Intro to EDM

    House music generally sits at 125-130bpm (usually 128bpm). It’s drum pattern is fairly repetitive, with a kick on every quarter note and a snare or clap on every half note (which is optional - not all house music has the snare/clap). The drum pattern is referred to as “four on the floor,” which I’ve assumed is because it’s hitting the kick on each of the four beats per measure in the 4⁄4 time signature and the kick pedal and drum sit on the floor in a real drum kit, but I don’t know the actual reason. ... Read More

  • An Introduction to Electronic Dance Music

    So you’ve heard your friends talking about EDM, or electronic dance music. Maybe they were going to a music festival like Coachella or Ultra. Maybe they DJ or produce some music. But your friends have shown you different music, and you’re confused. What is EDM? Those songs don’t sound the same. Or maybe you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum. Perhaps everything does sound the same. One friend says “I like dubstep,” and your other friend says “I like tropical house. ... Read More

  • site rebuilt from the ground up

    As I was starting my new series, I noticed a few things on my website weren’t working. I also noticed that my SoundCloud API was old which was likely part of the problem. In the process of fixing things, I decided this would be a good opportunity for me to learn ReactJS and just rebuild my website as a React website. So I did, and it took me a good chunk of a week. ... Read More

  • A New Home

    I’m currently in the process of moving my website from PHP/MySQL with Laravel to a static site using Hugo. Pretty soon, rickyrombo.com will point to this GitHub page instead of going to some folder on AwestruckDesign or website on Heroku. I’ve also been thinking of ways to improve the website. Some things on the list:

    ... Read More